Your Nightmare has Awaken

The Nightmare is the medium mech from Steel Symbiants 3rd faction – The Reavers. Utilising brute strength while running its power core at almost dangerous levels, the Nightmare can be a deadly opponent to all who face it within battle. Standing at 6.65 metres tall and weighing in at 8.65 tonnes this mechanical machines packs a huge punch. With great armour protection, moveability, fire power and close combat weapons availability the Nightmare can form the back bone to any Reaver force. This 26 piece miniature which stands at 10.5cm high is fully multi-possable and also supports 9 different weapon points for you to mount any of the 30 weapons available, thus giving you the player, hobbiest, modeller, collector only the limit of your imagination on how to pose and equip this beast of the battle field. These 28mm GameS miniature soldiers are extremely popular among gamers and collectors. They are made with durability on mind and the people who buy them will be able to use for a long period of time. If you are really interested in mythological characters and if you want to spend your leisure time with them, this would be the best option available out there. You would definitely love their look as well as the functionality. nightmare Specs: Name: Nightmare Faction: Reaver Class: Medium Height: 6.65 metres Weight: 8.65 tonne