Under Siege

We would like to introduce you all to 28mm GameS newest partnered company Siege Works Studios. Siege Works Studios is a well established company located in Brisbane, Australia that produces high quality lead free pewter miniatures. Siege Works Studios will produce all of our molds and miniatures for our first miniature wargame Steel Symbiant. We have partnered with Drew from Siege Works Studios not only for his years of expertise in the industry but it also allows us to keep our RRP goal of $35 AUD per mech miniature, which we are very happy about. We are planning to impress all the people who love miniature wargaming through this new game. It can definitely keep you busy for hours and you would even tend to make it your recreational hobby. Like the rest of our partnered companies Drew is a avid gamer and is constantly supporting the gaming community, and we feel very lucky to have him on board with us. If you would like to find out more about Siege Works Studios and their products then click on the link below to jump to their website. We guarantee that you would receive the best miniature wargaming experience after visiting this link. So, go ahead, visit it now and thank me later. http://www.siegeworksstudios.com.au/