Steel Symbiant is a tabletop miniature wargame based in a sci-fi world of mechanic robots – mechs. Each player controls a small force of mechs in fast paced skirmish battles where mechanical limbs and even pilots can be destroyed in a blink of the eye. Each miniature on the battle field represents a mech, capable of independent movement, attacks and actions. With a wide array of system, weapon and pilot upgrades available for each miniature, players can build their force to suit all environments and missions to help achieve success with their given operation at hand. Utilising a randomised activation system of single mechs, allows Steel Symbiant to remain fluent with no long waits between player turns while players are needing to change their stratagems as the game progresses. So with the machinery, weaponry and pilots at your disposal, do you have what it takes to implement the strategic decisions required to help bring your force home in one piece? musashi poster 2