28mm Games is very proud to announce our two new partnerships with TAOR Battlefield Essentials and Jackal Designs. We have chosen these partners not only for their high quality products but also for their passion towards the tabletop wargaming community. TAOR produce high quality and durable water proof gaming mats at a very reasonable price, while Jackal Designs will be designing and making all of the markers, templates and flight stands to help keep track of your mechs on the battlefield, and can also do custom tokens to suit your faction. We will be showing off the battle mats and tokens in our upcoming videos and during our demonstrations at conventions we will be attending throughout the year to come, such as Anzac Cup, Briscon and Wintercon and many more. All of these products can be brought directly from their respective websites, so jump over to their sites and see what they have to offer. TAOR Battlefield Essentials : http://www.taoraustralia.com/ Jackal Designs : http://www.jackal-designs.com/ We are still in talks with a few other wargaming companies at the moment but if your company is interested in a partnership with 28mm GameS, you can send us a email through our contact page. - 28mm Development Team