Not as quiet as it seems

Well it may seem quiet at 28mm Games from the outside perspective but believe us when we say it's not. We are currently doing a lot of behind the scenes work which will become more apparent when the Beta rule set is released. Our programmers are working on a Force builder, this web app will give all the needed content into a simple layout for assembling a players force with minimal amount of effort, making calculating points per mech/ pilot/ upgrade individually a breeze. We are implementing the downloads and forums section for the website. The download section aims at first to contain all the markers and templates needed in a ready to print format for playing Steel Symbiant. Additionally there also be desktop backgrounds and other content for download. All of this will of course be free of charge. Other upcoming features we are looking into for the future will be our video section. This will not only have demo games on there but also tips on modelling and painting your mechs. The foundation for all of the factions and universe background stories at this stage is about 30% complete so far. These aspects are being done as completely and comprehensively as possible. Our staff has grown and we now have a 2nd 3D sculptor who will be starting with us next week. This should allows us to show you a complete mech every 2 to 3 weeks. We have also been organizing to start doing demonstration games over the next few months and will post more about them as they get closer. And last but not least is the the persistent analytic feedback we get from our play testers for the continual tweaking of the rules as the game develops.