Musashi completed 3D sculpt

New Steel Symbiant miniature! For all of you who are following the releases of Steel Symbiant, I bring you exciting news! We have completed our first 3D sculpt! This new miniature is called the Musashi, which is a medium classed mech for your army. Our twenty-one piece miniature Musashi stands at 10.5 cm tall and is a flexible unit to design. When placed on your tabletop, your warrior will be easy to customize so that it looks great as an asset for your army. musati 28mm tabletop Some specs on the Musashi: Model: Musashi Faction: Empire Class: Medium Height: 6.5 meters Weight: 8.15 tonnes Characteristics: This is not your standard grunt mech for your army. This unit packs a great punch in close combat, but Musashi does come with the ability to carry long ranged weaponry. Mushashi's positive attributes include its sufficient armor for pilot protection and its movability and flexibility. This is a unit that is a jack of all trades, master of none. This unit will not be the upper echelon of your army, but it will provide a great backbone and support for your fighting force. Please stay tuned for more information about the world of Steel Symbiant! This is only the beginning stage of development, but we have over 23 weapon and shield options still to come, not to mention the universe establishing that will come out within the next month to set the stage! If you have any comments, questions, or thoughts on this awesome mech or Steel Symblant, please leave us some feedback on our Facebook or G+ pages! Feedback from potential buyers and fans is what drives the development team to make improvements and create an awesome game! Until next time! Thanks everyone for reading! musati 28mm tabletop Gallery Team