Introducing our markers and tokens for game play!

Jackal Designs have done beautiful work preparing templates, tokens and stands for Steel Symbiant game play. 28mm GameS is proud to showcase our test run mdf board prototype kit. This set is all the regular gamer needs to play the game, other than dice, terrain and our specially made miniatures themselves! With the prototype run out of the way we will now start on the acrylic version for longer lasting pieces. 12939382_10156794907990525_1165909650_n The 55 piece token set will contain: 10 x initiative order 10 x failed moral checks, -1, -2 and -3 5 x firing lane, PH1 and PH2 5 x Counter charge 11 x double sided mines 5 x Prone 9 x objective markers The AOE set will contain: 4 x 125mm templates 10 x 65mm blank 15 x Inserts (These inserts are placed inside the centre hole of the 65mm blank templates to show what they are indicating – We chose this way to help you the player to save on money) Other pieces: Silhouette template Hover flight stand Flight stand   12957342_10156794907845525_1599438249_n Our silhouette template with prone markings standing on top of a hover flight stand.   flight and hover stand Our hover flight stand and normal flight stand. We have designed both of these to allow you the player to easily place your miniature on top of to still use true line of sight. We will also have our free download section on our website for those not wishing to use acrylic.