Welcome To 28mm GameS

Hello and welcome to 28mm Games! Welcome to our home page! Though it is measely and small now, I can promise you that we are going to grow! 28mm games is an aspiring community of avid tabletop gamers that is looking to grow to foster something really great, and with the support of fellow gaming aficionados, we will be that great something. This company has great plans for the future of tabletop gaming communities, including producing our very own tabletop game called Steel Symblant! Within the next few month, we plan on releasing the Beta rules for a free download on our very own website. This epic tabletop adventure will take you on a journey of skirmish style combat progression and mech army building. Though not a finished game, we are looking for Alpha testers at this point to download the rules, play, and give feedback on how it can be improved! Our goal is to create a fun and engaging game for our audience to enjoy playing, and we want to hear feedback from the only ones that matter, YOU! Before we get to the Beta release, however, we want to create a place where enthusiasts of tabletop gaming can come and purchase affordable rule sets, guides, miniatures, and other necessities for the games we love that are all (unfortunately) sold for too much at specialty stores. We are a group of players dedicated to making table top gaming more affordable so you can have more hours of enjoyment without the cost! In the coming months we will introduce a store on our site that will give you access to quality gaming items and a markdown from what specialty stores will charge you! That's our guarantee! To help foster a community of avid tabletop gamers, 28mm GameS will be coming out with new and exciting ways of connecting with our fan base and helping our fan base find other gamers in the process. Though our website is still under construction, in the process of completing our dream, we will add forums, force builder, information and entertaining videos and more! Not to mention an up and coming store to get all your tabletop gaming needs without the specialty price! Also stay on the lookout for us on your social media sites! We will be coming to Facebook, G+, Twitter and more! Hope to see you all again soon! --28mm Team News