We have some exciting news about the development of Steel Symbiant as we are moving ever closer to its Beta release come April or May. Our amazing play testers have been giving us great feedback as to how we can improve our game and make it better for everyone.

A few changes to the game since our play testers have weighed in with their thoughts and observations are as follows:

-Mines have been added to the game play

-A full revamp on unit activation has been done

-Freelancers have been added

-We now recommend a 4x4 board size

-The game's length has been changed

-Objectives no longer scatter

-Smoke now blocks LOS instead of a penalty

-Recon is now simplified

-General tweaks on rules and weapon upgrades

-Range modifiers have changed

-Added weapon strength, burst, and energy bonus to the distance chart to save page flipping!

-Added resources such as an abbreviation chart.

Thanks to these changes, Steel Symbiant is now a more streamlined game that doesn't have so much of a clunky feel. The apparatus for the player is made so as to increase the total playing time of the game, and decrease the time consuming nature of some reference checking.

We want to thank all of our dedicated player testers, whose observations and helpful critique is forming Steel Symbiant into a great tabletop wargame with an awesome interface. If it weren't for these guys, we wouldn't be as far along in the development of the game as we currently are now.

In addition to our deep and heartfelt thanks to these testers, we would like to remind everyone that being a player tester is an option available to anyone who is interested! On our contact page, there is a form that anyone who would like to be a player tester can fill out. Steel Symbiant is still a few months from being released, so you could have your say in the development of the game if you act now!

Thanks to all that are making this possible!