28mm GameS newest partnered company

28mm GameS is proud to announce our third partnership. As no tabletop miniature wargame is complete without terrain, BPLaser are offering a beautiful wide range of mdf based buildings and terrain suited for Steel Symbiant. These mdf buildings and terrain pieces are inexpensive and easy to assemble, and are perfect for various game play conditions and themes. Whether your forces are battling over an old battlefield strewn with long dead and gone vehicles of wars from eras past, within the ruined cities of Sydney or New York, the new capital of Mars,, or some obscure moon settlement on the edge of the solar system, BPLaser have 28mm scale terrain which will fit in nicely helping you to create a great atmosphere and also convincingly constrict line of sight of your mech pilots for tactical depth. Truly BPLaser mdf terrain will make your game full of life, or desolation. Check out BPLaser for their products and help support both them and us. bplaser pic